Cartoons/Sketches: If you lack of inspiration just start with anything, maybe some little sketches. Draw your favourite cartoon or maybe you want to practice drawing people in a carricaturistic way. It´s also not bad if it is a little bit chaotic on your sheet of paper.
Fashion: Once my mother and I watched her favourite TV-Show, it is about fashion and because of corona everyone in the show hat to stand at least 3 meters away from each other and I thought it would be funny if a new corona collection would appear, like different kinds of masks and dresses made out of toilet paper. Seems like some fashion designers already had this idea but I also created something.
Friends: If you have a blockade of inspiration call a friend, maybe they miss you. A phonecall with them will free your  mind. You will become more positive also let them help you to find new ideas.
Nature: Go for a walk, fresh air will cool your mind. Look at the colors and shapes around you what sounds can you hear? What animals do you see? Visit a place you think is beautiful or just interesting and unique in its own way. Could this place become an important part of your new invented story?

// Neufeld Ines, Winter Julia, Horváth Erik