In our discussion we found out that we all stuck in our country. Eva couldn’t visit her family in the Netherlands, Máté and Liza are sad, because they wanted to go to the USA and visit their family too. Derya was staying in Berlin in April and couldn’t see her Mum at her birthday.

We’re disappointed that we can’t travel or see our family. Why are they offering flights if they cancel it anyway?! We’re sad because we aren’t free. Therefore, we appreciate video calls much more for the opportunity to call our family and friends and also see them through the display. But of course, we miss the real contact…We all missing to hang out with our friends, we miss especial the spontaneous things or birthday partys. Máté for example couldn’t celebrate with his grandma on her birthday. Closeness, hugs and time with friends are important for us. One person in our group said that some of her friends have become mentally ill. We have learned how far it can go. We also discussed that a long-distance relationship is even harder than before. One person in our group lost her relationship because of the dictance corona was bringing with it.


2nd Lockdown

When we heard that there will be a second lockdown soon we all went out again and enjoyed the time we have spare with friends. Now, because of the lockdown we think a lot about the future. We hope that corona is gone next year and we have our normal life back. We hate the insecurity it gives us!



Because of the online lesson we’re looking all day into the screen. We think we’re losing our concentration, maybe also our motivation. We loved it to be with our friends at the university. By the way: Máté told us that it is healthier to switch the screen to yellow light. You can change this in the settings.




We are also unsure about our free time. We ask ourselves: should we go out or should we stay at home? We don’t know… but the majority of us is going outside and meet up with the closest friends and family. If we are at home, we all wear sweatpants and pyjamas. And when we watch series or movies and see people without masks it is strange for us.  We think: “oh no they do not keep the distance and they hug each other!! Oh my god!!” Yes, that’s what everyone in our group really thinks!! Our weekends have also changed. Normally we went out and now we haven’t any plans. We’re just at home. Actually, we’re more sleeping than before, maybe we’re tired of the online lessons. We are realizing that this is the new normal for us. We are used to it to wear masks and we’re used to it to keep distance.


The lost smile

With a mask that covers more than half of our faces, an important part of our body is lost. We think it is absolutely natural to wear a mask to protect everyone. But we think it’s sad that the most beautiful part of a body – the facial expressions and the smile – is hidden.



But because of the lockdown we appreciate nature and hobbies even more than before. We suddenly have the time to do things that we always wanted to do. We also doing more online shopping because we don’t want to go out. We would like to protect each other. Some of us moved home during the lockdown, because were feeling better at home. One big thing that we discussed was that we appreciate that we are healthy and we appreciate our life. We realized that other people are much more affected than us. For example, those who live on the street or are in intensive station in hospital. We are grateful that we have the opportunity to at least see our friends and family online.