We reached the last two days of the workshop and our team went on with the subject of “OVEREATING”. We choose to work on with this subject because we agreed that this is something that affects everyone of us and builds kind of a conection.

We noticed that in everyones diary there is something acording to food or eating.

Our eating routine during quarantine

by Lukas

Every day before quarantine I already had warm meals twice a day and that’s about it. Everything ranging from Rice and Pasta to Gyoza and Udon.

I wouldn’t say my eating habits have changed much in quarantine I still only eat a breakfast on the weekend with my family and that also was the only time I got myself some chips and sweets. Since I gained a lot of weight over the wintertime because of the festivities there are so many biscuits and also the winter markets, I started going jogging 3 times a week beginning at Chinese New Year. I still go jogging so I haven’t gained any weight during quarantine. Also, I haven’t started eating snacks the moment the quarantine started but I’m slowly getting into it because a lecture and Netflix is so much more relaxed if you have a bowl of cereal or some gummies. Since quarantine I occasionally eat breakfast when I’m bored or feel hungry in a lecture. Furthermore, since like last week I eat snack in between breakfast, lunch and dinner. Like pudding, ice cream, and small smacks. Also, I started eating a lot of oat bars with nuts because they are really tasty and you don’t get a bad conscience.

by Alexandra

I am vegetarian. I only eat meat from fish. I dont like the others. 

In this situation we can’t buy fresh vegetables and fruits as easy as before and they are also more expensive. This is very bad for my body because I have to eat more carbohydrate. Unfortunately this is harmful for my health but I also enjoy it.

by Magdalena

Since this quarantine has started about two months ago, I gained 5kg since. I am not happy about that because I am very strict with my body and weight normally which means that I quickly get in a very bad mood if I weigh to much. But in this time, I lost that feeling and started to eat as much as I want just because it tastes so good or out of boredom. A further reason why I gained weight is that I stopped doing sports since the fitness studios are closed.

Before this quarantine I never have had breakfast in the morning but now nearly every morning two toasts with cheese and cacao and sometimes some boiled eggs. I always have warm lunch on midday and mostly something warm for dinner. And not to forget the crackers in the night because I love them. There has also been a time in this quarantine where I have been something like a toast fanatic because I ate it for every meal. (I really love toast).

But some weeks ago, I started to do sports again and went to ride my bike two or more days per week if it is possible and also, I started to do home-workouts again and since that I really feel a little bit better.

As this workshop started on Monday and we had the work with the headline “overeating” since Thursday I really got faced with my eating routine and I realised that something has changed… I am not eating that much over the day and not that much bad stuff. I was kind of surprised because I have not realised before that I started to eat less and even a little bit healthier (even just a little bit). We also talked about solutions for the eating problem and I think that kind of motivated me to change something because I think this situation will hold on for a while and if already everything else has to suffer a little, my body and my health should not.

And as we were into that workshop something strange happened…

We started to eat some healthy stuff again (maybe we got kind of a bad feeling)

// Kohl Lukas, Bagó Alexandra, Haim Magdalena