Ups and Downs due quarantine

We all are infected by the virus. So our lives has changed more or less in things we’ve never thought about they could change. Some things changed positive as well as some changed negative. Due our Diaries we collect our daily thoughts and feelings and want to show you the most positive and negative changes we’ve made in the last weeks.

How does quarantine influence our social relations?

It also has positive and negative effects on us. In the on hand we just can’t go wathever we
want so we just unable to meet with everyone who we want. For example many of just had to
move home and keep away from university, so we can’t meet with friends and mates from
shool. The positive things is we have opportunity to have videochat with each others and we
can talk each other so we know how our friends things are just going. The positivity for me is
that we all mooved home tom y town so I just can meet (very carefully) with my old friends
from highschool. The best thing in covid-19 situation maybe is that everyone become slowen
than before, so everione started to pay attention for the others.

Spending time in a positive way

The virus is affecting us all. There are many negative sides of it but also there are a lot of positive things we could gain of it. We all have the opportunity to spend more time with beloved ones. We could spend really much time together with our families, for example having more often dinner together. Also we could meet firends, as well as old friends again. Even if we haven’t had the time for meeting with friends normally, now we have that time and it’s really precious. Maybe we have the opportunity to meet some friends in person, but most of the meetins are via video calls. It’s not the same as meeting in real life but it’s nice having more time for friends and family. We also could use some more time for our hobbies, for example making music.

Things we have to waive

It’s not possible for long-term sheduling as in university,as well as in personalise for example planning vacations. It’s sad that we can’t travell anywhere, as well as not meeting friends, going out together as a group or partying…. always staing at home can be drepressing after weeks. We also miss friends and teachers from the university.

Time for selfreflection and creativity

You have moore time so you can be more self reflective, we also have more time for beeing creative, and for doing some sport activy. Due to quarantine I could relax from my normal life stress and finally get some rest to my soul. Now Ive got some time, I could just enjoy beautiful days outside.
Not only beeing more selfreflective these days, we also could think about the situation now and handle them in our own ways, for example in our Diaries. Here are some impressions from handeling quarantine live and new provisions:

Social distance

In time of selfreflection
and quarantine life I thought about social
distance and social life before quarantine.
In this collage I try to contrast social distance and social life.
In those days
it is necessary to keep social distance,
but also in those hard times we wish for some physical proximity.
So the collage shows the biggest conrasts
in this days.
Also its connected through the question
because its one of thebiggest questions, too,
when we could have normal social contact

New situation

This collage is made out of photos I found impressive
in social media (Instagram) and some skribbeled elements. It shows the contrasts between the strange new situation about
masks and the possibility
to integrate the new situation in our everyday life.
Due to the virus strange new situations developed like wearing masks in supermarkets.
It is a strange feeling thinking this could be the new everyday life
and if it could be possible in
future having mask automats like snack automas.
On the other hand
it is quiet easy to integrate the new situation in our everyday life.
You just have to do the best out of this situation,
even it is wearing matching masks to your outfit and making a cool photoshoot.


In Germany it’s required wearing masks in public life.
So I started work on that.
It’s a collage made out of
cutted out magazines pictures. I wanted to contrast living
without wearing masks and
wearing something in front of your mouth.
Those people in the collage are Rockstars, for example Angus Yung,
they all has a expression in they faces screaming, laughing or singing.
But the mouths are covered by colored mouths.
It shows how important a mouth is for expression
in our face and that this will be missed in next time.
All mouths which covered the black and white pictures of those Rocksars,
they are colored,
which emphasize the
contrast and meaning.


When I look out of the window, I see my neighbors house because we live in our house in second row. But it’s quit cool, because one of my neighbor is one of my best friends and like a sister to me. Our friendship is minimal 13 years old, i guess, so we grow up together as well. Sometimes we just scream out the window to talk to each other. Besides her I see a lot of green plants and trees, which is really nice as well. We also have a big garden wich i could see partly. My room has a big front of windows, so I always could watch the wheater. The best part is that sun dosen’t burn into my room, so it’s never to hot in summer.
Because I don’t lie in the center of the city, some fields are nearby, where I could go out for some walks alone or with my dearest neighbor.
I’m happy having this sort of surronding, which is colorfull and nice, so I don’t get depressed during quarantine.


In my picture you can see the backgarden of my house. Since Covid -19 reached
Hungary I have moved back to my family, I also needs to spend the rest of my days at home.
But sometimes I need go out to the garden for a walk.

Changes of personal life, Kim:

You can read in Kim’s diary she has pros and cons of beeing in Quarantine. She has a lot
of online calls with her friends and she just tries to keep the contact with everyone who is
important for her. She has opportunity to spend much more time with her family. She rarly can
meet few of her friends. But sadly she can’t go out with a group of mates, she need to stay
home instead of attending university.

Changes of personal life, Bence:

In his diary he just about the changes of social activities and loosing the possibility of
spending important time face to face with important persons. He also missing meeting new
people. But in the other hand Bence is very optimistic about, having time for his family, he
like Kim spends more time with his family. Bence is also able to taking care about his human
relation ships. He can have video call with his friends who are far from him. If he have time in
theese busy days he also meet with them for a few minutes.

After all:

Quarantine is not the worst experience of my life, but every day has some hard
moments. I learned a lot of things about affective time managment in theese day. I need to
collect impressions in a different way than I used to. But I think if life gives some problems
than it needs to give also some solutions.

// Kovács Bence, Werling Kim, Wolf Katharina