We want to explore our cities, urban spaces, homelands and hometowns and our cultures through comparisons. Pécs, Osijek, Ulm, Stuttgart. We want to get to know each other through self- and partner perception. We want to find out our cultures, differences and our similarities, our personal and our common identities. We want to show each other our “me and you” and create a new form of hybridity of our urban and mental images through representation and imagination. We want to cultivate the results by using media, communication and design processes or art to find ways to share our culture. With regard to the scope of the grant application we will work out the specific methodological features as a generalizable concept that allows to transfer them to other fields of tuition. / Gustave Caillebotte / Paris Street, Rainy Day / public domain


13.05. – 17.05.2019
Osijek @ Stuttgart
20.05 – 24.05.019
Pécs @ Ulm

The basis for the research phase during the workshop is the concept of the Strollology or Promenadology (the Flaneur) that was created in the 1980s thy be Swiss sociologist Lucius Burckhardt. The Flaneur strolls the city he visits with the aim of becoming aware of his surroundings, so he basically lets himself be impressed by what he experiences. This is a very individual and self-reflexive way of getting to know a foreign city that the students should make during the first day of the workshop. They are asked to make notes (e. g. documentation via social media, scrapbooks, photos, videos, etc.) of their experiences and first impressions and afterwards, they share their results with the other students.