How to learn to slow down in isolation?

It’s a very hard period and we have to learn to slow down, because we can’t hurry now. Slow down- stop and move forward with new energy thanks to the rhythm of slowlife. Normally we are living in a fast-moving world with daily changes and challenges. Right now I have the feeling that the world is standing still despite restlessness and fear. Many people are worried about the future concerning health, family, job, money…

But how can we do it? – not on the same way, because we are different. I like the movement that during this period so many people have a strong urge to explore their surroundings and go outside. Before the coronavirus so many people were stressed because of the work and had no freetime. I think to slow down is necessary for everybody to recharge their batteries. Right now we have a lot of time to calm down, overthink some decisions and just breath. Of cause nobody would like to have this phase for a long time because we are missing the communication in person with our friends, families and colleges. For surviving in these hard times here are our advices:

  1. take a deep breath on the sun
  2. read a good book with your favorite chocolate
  3. Smell a flower
  4. go for a walk in the nature
  5. do sports in your living room or outside! This is very comfortable
  6. rest with your animal – this is my best part
  7. when you go to sleep, try to not think about your work or what you have to do next day – try to relay – maybe light a scented candle
  8. when you have to do your shopping, please not to be impatient – I suppose that you aren’t the only person who wants to go home as fast as possible
  9. wake up late when you can, and not to eat your breakfast quickly – keep calm
  10. stay positive – this is the most important thing


// Marschner Freya, Szilárd Alíz, Hanza Marcell