One of the hardest parts of social distancing is that you can´t see your loved ones in person. It´s easy to facetime your friends and at least talk to them through the camera but it´s way harder to stay in touch with people that are not very familiar with the modern technology. For example your grandparents. My grandma knows how to use a mobile phone but she is not familiar with apps like Skype. This makes it hard to see her even through a screen. Also you can´t hang out with your friends. Cause it´s not allowed to meet up in groups larger than 2 or 3 people maximum. But at least you can meet with another person. Life is different now for all of us. But just because it´s different doesn´t means it´s bad. Cause the positive effect of social distancing is that people produce less emissions and pollution cause they stay at home which is great for our nature and the animals living in it.

// Stieffel Lea-Marie , Márfi Virág, Litke Ewald