Time Management

We figured out what kinds of problems we must face the most when it comes to time management. In the beginning we discussed about main topics which are distraction and procrastination (both are similar, so we put them together) expectations from others and the lack of routine.
First, we worked with the question marks (?), the things that occurred as problems and after we found exclamation marks (!) which are ironic solutions for each problem that occurred.


Especially in this time we tend to procrastinate or getting distracted and as a result we do something but the things we have to do.

– TV and Streaming, Socializing and meeting Friends, spending too much time on Social Media
– If we connect all together, for example watch a movie while calling a friend on Facetime. Or connect with friends on Social Media
– Go for a walk
– You can go for a run instead and save time
– cleaning and sleeping
– Sleep is overrated anyways
– Food and Snacks and cooking
– Food is life. There is no way that we are not be distracted by that.


A lot of People put pressure on us, we feel the need to fulfill expectations and to fit in.

– Expectations from Family, Friends, Teachers, Laws, State …
– Ignore them and face reality. If they expect something you’re allowed to do so too.
– Use your time wisely, learn a new language, workout, tidy up your life.
– Or simply don’t. Some days it’s a great achievement to get up once in a day.
– Illusion of time (a day still has 24h). Pressure to do more since we are at home all day.
– If you’re running out of time skip sleep or simply turn back time.

Lack of routine

Without everyday life we don’t have a normal routine anymore and without it we have a few problems that occure.

– No Routine
– Create one. Like washing your hands every day or brushing teeth.
– Using time different and be spontaneous
– Don’t forget to prioritize.
– Letting yourself go (Like wearing the same shirt for a week straight)
– If you do so, don’t forget to put on Disney’s Frozen – “Let it go”
– No need to leave the house
-order Pizza!
-No regular wake up time
– Sleep all day
– No workzone
– don’t work

// Kovács Bence, Werling Kim, Wolf Katharina