Why did we choose the work overload?

This problem is very typical for these days. The courses of the university are now online and the teachers are giving us more writing tasks because we can’t meet us in person, we can’t take presentations just with voice recording. We use our laptops all day, and it can be the reason for headache or eyestrain because of the laptop screen. We have to manage our tasks, we have to form a daily routine in order to we can fight with our roles.

There are a lot of people who have to work very hard during this time period, for example: Nurses, doctors, sales persons in supermarket, people who are working for the electric utility, the garbage collection … People becoming ill because of the stress and deprivation of sleep. The implications are physical and psychological sickness if we don`t change our work overload.


// Marschner Freya, Szilárd Alíz, Hanza Marcell