Space Research

We compared our places and we noticed that we have a similar living situation. All of us live in a house, we have our own rooms to work in and we don’t have to share our working space with siblings or other people we live with. We have the ability to go out into our gardens during quarantine. Let’s take a closer look at our workspace…

What’s on Bence’s Desk?

– Laptop, pencils, a lamp, headphones, coins, a sharpener, a plectrum to play guitar, sunglasses, a sculpture that shows a gesture, a book as a mousepad, a ship, alcohol and hand sanitizer, …

What’s on Katharina’s Desk?

– Laptop, a mouse, pencils, a pencil case, sheets of paper, a plant, a book and something to drink

What’s on Kim’s Desk?

– Laptop on a box (I wonder what’s inside?), pencils, a pencil case, a lamp, headphones, a cutter, the daily diary, Paint and brushes, sunglasses, a ruler and something to drink

If we look at the desks themselves, we see that Katharina and Bence both have wooden tables, Kim has a glass table to work on. The most important device for all of us is our Laptop since we all have online classes right now. You can see it on all our desks. We also have pencils on our desks and each of us has something to drink. Besides that, we all have different things we keep around us.

Typical student Workspace

Based on the Information above we created a typical workspace. It contains all the stuff at least two of us have on their desks.

// Kovács Bence, Werling Kim, Wolf Katharina