One´s own Space is a super personal and individual Place and especially in isolation a place of safety and retreat. We ourselves get used to the environment we live in quite quickly, because we see it every single day. Capturing pictures of our own space really changed the way we percieve it. A photograph captures a moment, a glimse of time, maybe a little detail you´ve never noticed before. Eventhough each one of us captured their personal space with a different focus, looking at the pictures now side by side there are definiteley parallels, like the blue sky that day we all saw looking outside our rooms. We decided to combine our different perceptions of our own space in a collection of polaroids to give it a spontaneous feel like you were looking through an old photo album or stroll trough an art gallery.
Row 1: “I captured this picture from my balcony. We had beautyful, shiny wheater outside for weeks. It makes my day, everytime I look out of the window.” -Erik
Row 2: “I decided to focus on my actual work space, because my desk is the place I spend the most time at right now. I love little details like the beautyful piece of art on my wall. You can also see the mask I am usually wearing when I leave the house, that my best friend made for me, which is a nice memory.” -Julia

Row 3: “To show my working and personal space, I captured the view from my window and took a picture of how my desk usually looks like, when it´s not too messy… I also decided to include Screenshots from my Youtube and Pinterest, where I spend quite some time during isolation looking for inspiration or just for entertainment.” -Ines

// Neufeld Ines, Winter Julia, Horváth Erik