Funded vision


The project proposal mainly foresees an innovative teaching concept with an additional focus on intercultural understanding. It is intended to publish the project’s results in various ways, e. g. publications like books, papers, articles, exhibitions and further forms of communication or design practice.

TOGETHER for Intercultural Understanding.

Translating the teaching vision into an always transferable teaching concept

The teaching concept is based on an interdisciplinary approach. Therefore 4 different courses of studies are involved. (Art / Osijek; Social Communication / Pécs; Communications Design and Advertsing and Market Communication / Stuttgart and Ulm). During the process (curriculum and workshop) students will reflect on issues related to intercultural understanding. They will undergo an in depth research phase, also including their individual experiences and believes within that context in order to clarify their own role as designer or communicator in society. The students will come up with concepts that evoke a debate of intercultural understanding by addressing certain societal situations the students have to find out.