Day 1

9 November,  Monday

Our task today was to contact our groupmates and get to know each other better, make a group portrait and talk a bit about differences and similarities between Hungary and Germany  in the light of the current pandemic situation. We discussed the government regulations about curfew and social event restrictions, the topic of masks, the distance education and the shutdown of restaurants, bars and clubs. We found out that in Germany the restrictions began earlier, in September, they were taking small steps towards the total lockdown and german people had more time to adapt to the situation. In Hungary however, the changes were more drastic and rushed, until the first days of November there were only a few restrictictions (noted by Bence). 

Day 2

10 November, Tuesday

On Tuesday we had to compare our diary entries, look for individual similarities and differences, and we also had to create a visual platform of our findings. We found that a topic we all are really interested in is masks. Everyone has different opinions (except that we should all wear a mask to protect each other) and experiences in connection with masks, so we all wrote a few sentences about our personal views on them. Daniel also made a photo collage based on our pre-pandemic and post-pandemic experiences. 

(here we could insert our writings)

Day 3

11 November, Wednesday

On the third day of the workshop we went deeper in to the topic of masks. We talked about our  associations connected to the topic, how we feel wearing a mask physically and also mentally, how masks could effect our relationships and what are the best and worst things about wearing them. Chloe drew a graphic mindmap using our ideas, some of us drew sketches, the others took photos or looked for pictures and illustrations which reflect our thoughts and feelings. 

Day 4

12 November, Thursday

On the day before the last we countinued the work with the topic of masks. We decided everyone has to make either a picture collage, do drawings or take photographs for the Posters.