Monday – getting to know each other

On the first day we had our first online meeting where we got to know each other and talked a lot.

We talked about the similarities and differences between the restrictions in Hungary and in Germany during coronavirus. Surprisingly there were more simalirites than differences.
We all agreed on the fact that we got used to the virus and the situation. Therefore we are not scared anymore, which is a really good thing because we can’t live our everyday life in fear.

It was a great way to learn about each other’s situation.☺

Tuesday – compare your diaries

At the second occasion we read each other’s pandemic diaries and compared our activities during the past week. Everyone had little illustrations or drawings for their diary. Then we created a presentation about these topics.

We also needed to choose a topic about the coronavirus. Everyone’s missing their loved ones and their boyfriends and that was the reason why we chose „Social Distancing”.

Wednesday – brainstorming

The next day we started with brainstorming and drew little images.

We chose a subject about the upcoming task, there were a few options such as site
researching and story-telling. We talked about the meaning of our drawings and
then we selected a few drawings from everybody’s work.

We have decided to go with posters. Here are a few ideas:

Thursday – dealing with the subject

On the following day we shared our thoughts about the selected pictures and discussed them.

Everyone drew a lot new pictures and had a lot of great ideas. We tried to pick the most unique drawings because all of us had different experiences with social distancing.

On Thursday evening we discussed the next tasks: Andrea made all of our chosen drawings to digital illustrations and Annalena worked on the typography poster and combined all of our sentences.

Friday – final day

Annalena and Elisabeth were the brains of our journey, they gave us the best ideas and they were also the leaders of the group. Annalena finished the typography poster today. Elisabeth managed all the meetings and made the blog post. Anna drew with a lot of creativity to help us with our topic and ideas. The two Lilis made all the texts and the presentation of the week, while Andrea made all the digital illustrations.

These are our final posters:

We had a wonderful time together and most of all we had fun! We managed this week and our project with a lot of girlspower and laughter. Everybody involved their talents as part of our group. 

If you ask yourself now what will happen with this group in the future… we plan to stay in contact and to visit each other once the pandemic is over. 

And they lived happily ever after.