Hello, that’s us. 
We are the Plastic Tutor, we fight against plastic. Together we want to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem. For a healthier, cleaner world in which “plastic-free” living is not a utopia.

With us you can find nice sustainable and plastic-free companies, have a look at tips and tricks against plastic and find cool DIY tutorials. 

Join us and be a part of our beautiful better world. 🙂 

People use too much plastic and very few can imagine a life without plastic. This is mainly because they often do not know how to avoid and replace plastic.
Also the necessary education about the effects of the massive plastic consumption on our environment is missing.

What are our goals and intentions with the APP?

  • Raise awareness about the problems that come along with plastic
  • Inform people how they can reduce their plastic waste production
  • Show alternatives and ways to reduce plastic
  • Try to motivate and convince people to rethink their use of plastic
  • Open fast and easy possibility for people to have plastic alternatives and companies at one sight

With our app, we want to show all sustainable and plastic-free options using a map. This will give users an easy and convenient way to avoid plastic and use alternatives in their area. Also we want to create awareness of the problem through a quiz. And last but not least we show companies and tips to avoid plastic to make the world a more beautiful and clean place.