My first day in quarantine was actually Monday last week. Before that I was working “quite normally”. But because the second semester has started, I have to stay at home now.
First I thought: once I’m in quarantine, I can improve my Spanish, do more sports and read all the books I bought. But the truth is, as the week passed slowly, I noticed that my motivation was getting lower every day. I watched a lot of Netflix or chatted with friends. Yes, the quarantine is just not good for me. I not only miss the time with friends, that we spent together at the lake. I also miss to take the crowded train to the university. (I would never have thought that I would miss that.) I miss the stress I had to bring my private life, college and work together.
But don’t worry, I also see the positive things. I have more time with my family now. People around the world help each other and try to make the best of the situation.
What amazes me is how a virus (tiny as it is) can change the whole world.
[Németi Brigitte]

The first few day´s in quarantine was really hard. Just like in any other life situatuin, people learn how to get use to the change. Thats what quarantine is for me, learning how to keep in touch, how to communicate with the outside without going out. It`s also a good time for thinking and decide what is important an what isn´t.
[Mohai Àdám]

// Petit Claire, Mohai Ádám, Németi Brigitte